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Free Shuttle Fridays & Saturdays – Call (260) 667-1102

Hours: Mon-Wed 11am-1am   Thu-Fri 11am-3am  Sat 12pm-3am  Sun 12pm-3am


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Great Local Music Scene

The Venue is the was developed to accommodate the different genres of music. Anywhere from a music lover to DJs and full bands. You will find that The Venue will satisfy your wants and needs in  music with lake town life from top to bottom.

Free Shuttle Service

The Venue is ready packed with cool shows and spirits. The Venue was tested on all the genres to achieve a high quality experience.

Country Music Connection

The Venue is 100% acoustically responsive with local bands supported using the latest music equipment available. Try the Venue on your next visit to Lake Country and it will blow your mind how good we sound.

Lake Life + Local Music

The Venue has the best DJ’s in the area for the nights when a local band is not performing.  Have a go at switching between DJ sets and live music. We made sure that you love music and we are here to accommodate you.

Rock’N’Roll All Day All Night

The Venue has been beautifully designed  and very clean and elegant. We used many nice music inspired pieces that jive with the feel of the Venue and compliments the idea of a great local music scene.

Play The Venue?

We have set up the Venue to be as much of a friendly as possible for creating your own local music experience. We created many great food & drink options and the access to local bands that makes us all feel part of the experience of the Venue.

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